RealTimeTouch Technology Survey

Will You Help?

Thank you for your assistance! The information you provide will help us find partners and licensees who can design and manufacture RTT products. Your answers will also help us plan the implementation our technology into the products and services you already enjoy! Your answers to the following questions will only be used for research, development and market forecasting.

1. Are you interested in RealTimeTouch technology as a:
  Internet Consumer
Wireless User
Service Provider
Manufacturer of Wireless Devices, Computers or Peripherals
Other     (please specify)
2. What information are you looking for during your visit?   (check all that apply)
  Product Availability:
Interactive Touch cell and PCS phones
Wireless Physically Interactive Multiplayer online and off-line games
Wired Live Physically Interactive (i.e., not just programmed force-feedback)
Internet and Phone Hugging and Huggable Teddy bears
Remote Physically Interactive Medical and/or Therapy products
Other Information:
Contact information for the press
Partnership & Licensee information
Other     (please specify)
3. What source led you to the RealTimeTouch Web site?
  Press release
Search engine
Reference from a friend or associate
Other     (please specify)
4. Which of the following are you interested in purchasing (once available)?   (check all that apply)
  Personal touch interactive cell and PCS phones
Personal touch home and office phones
Physically interactive cell phone games
Hugging Internet and phone connected teddy bears
Live Physical Interaction Upgrades to the major Video Game Platforms
Live Physical Interaction Upgrades to Wireless games
Physically interactive Advertising and Marketing services
Other     (please specify)
5. What country are you located in?
6. Would you be interested in receiving periodic updates about the progress of RTT?
  I wish to receive news and updates by email.
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