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Wireless Physical Touch Adds Fun and Purpose

CyberAnimals and iCharacters Come to Life With Wireless Live Action

San Diego, CA

Who hasn't seen a child pretending that their favorite stuffed toy was alive? Every kid wants to be able to fully interact with a special friend. Many moms have a Barney(TM) doll in their house that tells stories, blinks his eyes and laughs. But the addition of RealTimeTouch(TM) technology will take interactive toys to an entirely new live, physically interactive level.

Different - and Better - Than Previous ``Interactive'' Toys

``What makes RealTimeTouch (RTT) so special is that a lone child can play and interact with a remote friend using wireless toy peripherals. This kind of social and physical interaction is priceless. Imagine an otherwise lonely little boy moving toy trucks, and having the trucks move and be moved in real-time by his cousin in another state or his schoolmate across town. Imagine their laughter and amazement as they use their wireless toys to cooperatively construct a LEGO(TM) project online. RToys(TM) will help grow relationships, and children will grow tired of these toys less quickly. Educational implications are also evident, and plentiful,'' stated Craig Linden, founder of RealTimeTouch, which recently introduced educational ReBooks(TM) and touch-enabled mobile phones.

Linden further explained, ``To make the remote communications more 'real,' we have to be able transmit and receive live human touch and actions -- ideally, coordinated with speech or audiovisual communications. And it must be ... spontaneous, quick and realistic -- nearly like body language and touch during face-to-face meetings.'' Children may interact directly with their RToys, RCharacters(TM), CyberAnimals(TM) and RDolls(TM). And, when using two or more wirelessly connected RToys, they may physically interact with remote friends and family.

While the shopping frenzy at Christmas usually centers around the season's ``hottest'' sellers, RToys and RDolls will become childhood mainstays. RToys are virtually boredom-proof because they literally grow with your child's intellect and imagination -- and the creativity and imagination of their nearby or iOnline(TM) friends and family.

Fully Interactive iTV Shows & Video Conferencing

While watching their favorite RealTimeTouch TV (RTTV(TM)) iTV programs, children will gain an entirely new appreciation for entertainment once Winnie the Pooh(TM) literally gives them a special live birthday CyberHug. A grandmother in Oklahoma can receive and send live CyberHugs(TM) to her grandchildren in Hawaii by using RTT's enabled teddy bears (or other stuffed RToys) linked to Internet video conferencing or even via a special phone call. Teens will touch and be touched by their favorite music stars during live and recorded RTTV performances.

Toys are an essential part of childhood. They help form relationships, mind development and allow imaginations to be set free. The addition of RTT in the children's toy and family communications markets will enhance these experiences for children of all ages.

The Companies

RealTimeTouch is the global leader in introducing the world to physically interactive technology for toys, mobile and wired phones, pagers, Hubotics(TM) peripherals, medical devices, wireless and wired games and many other applications. Winnie the Pooh, Barney and LEGO are used for example only and are registered trademarks owned respectively by the Walt Disney Company Inc. and the Lyons Partnership L.P. and the Kirkbi AG Corp. RealTimeTouch licenses its global patent-pending intellectual property to manufacturers and service providers.

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