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Nokia Applies Interactive Feel To Wireless Phone Games

Communications Breakthrough Enables Live Interactive Remote Touch


Wireless phone manufacturer Nokia has recently announced its first physically interactive and most fun cell phones. The Nokia phone has integrated interactive tactile technology that allows vibrations to enhance mobile gaming.

According to Nokia, “Mobile gaming is simply electrifying with the Nokia 3310. The new vibra feature makes the phone vibrate at critical moments in gameplay - so you'll know when you've been blasted by aliens in the cool Space Impact game, or when you hit the walls in Snake II! Of course, if your prefer more sedate action, there is always Bantumi and Pairs II.” –

RealTimeTouch, of Alpine, California, is an early leader in virtual touch technology and currently has international patents pending in over 100 countries. They have plans to license the technology to manufacturers, content developers, and service providers in the related wired and wireless industries.

The Applications
This technology will certainly change the way communications are currently conducted. With the addition of RealTimeTouch, on-line and offline games approach the level of “real reality”. In addition to game level programming, real-time live physical interaction enables players to essentially “shake hands” after a game or offer a friendly slap on the back type of congratulations for a win.

RealTimeTouch has a broad vision for the applications of virtual touch. Imagine a child being able to squeeze her beeper to return her mother’s page rather than having to find a telephone. Imagine the same pager or cell phone also updating the child’s location for mom. Business people could simply grasp their cell phone to communicate with the office instead of trying to dial a mobile phone in the middle of traffic. The personal, business, medical, therapy, and fun benefits are practically endless.

The Companies
RealTimeTouch is a division of Design Systems Research and Development located in Alpine, California. Under the leadership of Craig Linden, DSR&D has won awards for his internationally patented Micro Cogen technology (super efficient energy modules that convert natural gas into electricity, hot water or steam). Nokia is one of the world’s largest wireless phone manufactures. There are no relationships or technology licenses between RealTimeTouch or Design Systems R&D and Nokia. RealTimeTouch and Nokia are trademarks owned respectively by the companies.



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