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Physical Touch Technology Adds Dimension to Communications

Wireless Devices Can Now Be Equipped to Send and Receive Real-time Physical Touch


Design Systems Research and Development, parent company of RealTimeTouch, is currently unveiling an industry-changing enhancement to wireless communications. Taking the premise of forced feedback technology one step further, RealTime Touch can equip wireless devices to send and receive instantaneous, physical touch transmissions.

With forced (or tactical) feedback, the touch sensation is limited to what appears on a computer monitor. In fact, people are not interacting with each other, but with images on the screen. The RealTimeTouch (RTT) technology takes this premise to the next level.

The missing link in our current wireless communication chain thus far has been touch. With the new RTT technology, AT&T’s old slogan “Reach out and touch someone” has finally come to be a reality.

An example could consist of a husband and wife who have been notified of a crisis. They both speak to each other via cellular telephone. In order to reassure his wife, the husband squeezes his phone. His wife immediately feels her husband’s touch as the phone expands in her hand. The transfer of this physical “data” happens as quickly as voice travels.

The Market
Wireless web device sales alone will reach over $10 billion in 2000. The projection for 2005 is $73 billion. To date, enhancements to these devices include Internet access, email access, game playing and more. However, despite the current trend to add more “features” to our wireless gadgets, the human race is growing further and further apart. The goal of RTT technology is to bring people closer together.

Businessmen and women can close a deal with a cyber handshake. Salespeople can return a page by squeezing their beepers rather than trying to dial a cellular phone during rush hour traffic. Families that are spread out across the globe can hold hands during celebrations in addition to speaking on the telephone. The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

The Company
RealTime Touch is a division of Design Systems Research and Development located in Alpine, California. Under the leadership of Craig Linden, DSR&D has won awards for successes such as Micro Cogen technology (super efficient energy modules that convert natural gas into electricity and hot water).

RealTimeTouch will license its current technology to wireless device manufacturers and other partners.

Other applications for RTT technology are also being pursued. Additional markets include: entertainment, medical, advertising, military, toy, educational and the Internet.



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