Mobil Net Applications

Features of a RealTimeTouch Smart Phone

1. Functions as a Dual Mode mobile phone with GPS

2. Digital Music, AM/FM,     interactive TV, video and still camera

3. Wireless connection to  computers, Web, etc.

4. Choice of operating systems

5.Multiple ways to input information: voice, touch, video, alpha-numerically, and/or with a keyboard or pen device

Expected price range: Not Available

6. Sends and receives faxes on the screen

7. Sends and receives e-mail, chat, voice mail, and records voice, data, and video

8. Built-in Web browser and online multi-player games

9. A calendar with alarm

10.  An address  book that can store 1,000s of phone numbers, URLs, and land addresses

11. RealTimeTouch's Human Touch Technology

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