Interactive technology is advancing at mind-boggling speed, with impressive developments being made in the fields of computers, virtual reality, force-feedback mechanics, robotics and artificial intelligence.

At the same time, the Internet continues to provide new and innovative means for communication and user interaction. But our amazing digital world is missing an important dimension - the ability of people separated by a distance to relate to one another through physical touch. As technology continues to focus on expanding and improving the way that people interact with their computers, society follows suit shifting from people-centric orientation to a more PC-centric orientation. It is our mission to explore, develop and exploit a new technology that will help bring cyberspace back to earth by connecting people through touch as well as by sight, sound and text.

Design Systems R&D, introduces its patent pending, proprietary technologies and business methods known as RealTimeTouch.Com.  Simply stated, RealTimeTouch.Com will enable people to add real-time, bilateral physical touch to their remote communications and interactions.

How RealTimeTouch™ Works
Current technology focuses on enhancing the connection between people and their computers using text, audio, video and in some cases, peripheral devices that incorporate physical feedback mechanisms. However, such physical feedback is preprogrammed and controlled by the computer only. Even when people are in direct communication with one another using current technologies (e.g., telephones, videophones, instant messaging, chat rooms, etc.) there is no method for providing physical interaction between them. focuses on providing a physical connection between people. Proprietary business methods and innovative technology will allow people who are separated by distance to interact physically with one another using special peripheral devices incorporating physical input/output sensors and mechanisms.

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