Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leader in this new and exciting human-to-human remote simulated physical interaction communication field, and to develop synergistic relationships with strategic partners and licensees who are well-positioned to exploit the commercial potential of our proprietary business methods and technologies.

RealTimeTouch.com's business strategy will be to first leverage our position by developing the core business methods and technologies and solidifying our intellectual property holdings. We will then license our rights and technologies to companies who can provide the marketplace with products (i.e. application-specific peripheral devices), software, and application services encompassing our innovative physical communication methods.  In certain cases, RealTimeTouch.com will form strategic alliances that will allow us to play a more direct role in the commercialization of specific technology applications.

RealTimeTouch.com will be the hub of a commercial wheel driven by licensees and strategic partners who will utilize their expertise and resources to develop and commercialize industry-specific applications of our proprietary business methods and technologies.

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